Talking about corporate tax avoidance

UK Chancellor George Osborne is in Sydney talking about corporate tax avoidance in preparation for a G20 summit.

This “Money Report” podcast, the first in a weekly series starting here on Notional Public Radio, summarises the issues involved with a great audio podcast interview given by UK Uncut supporter Adele Bailey.

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Time Witness – The Hitler Youth of Günter Loos (English-only audio)

This audio podcast, recorded 9th January 2014 in Cologne, features Günter Loos – a Hitler Youth member and Flakhelfer living under the German Third Reich.

You can hear the podcast interview on the media player just under this text:

N.B. A previous post containing a fuller edit of the audio podcast (with none of the German audio edited out) is at

Günter Loos lives in Köln, Germany, lovingly nursing his aged wife as best he can through her illness. When he can find respite from his caring, he likes to go into the city and take photographs.

Herr Loos studied physics at university before working as an electronics engineer on projects across his native Germany. However, his adolescent years were spent as a member of the Hitler Youth and as a flakhelfer (manning the flak guns to shoot down Allied Forces’ bomber aircraft and cleaning up the carnage resulting from each air raid).

Of the times living under Herr Hitler’s reign, Herr Loos says, “… that he was a madman, we had an idea after some years. But we didn’t really believe that … [until] … the full naked truth only came out after the war was over.”


Anonymity online?

Issues of surveillance and online privacy never seem to go away, with stories in even mainstream media about levels of government snooping deemed unacceptable by the majority.

I spoke with three different digital activists across the UK – two of them supporters of the “Anonymous” hacktivist hive – to find out more about what the implications are.

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